Double Win for Chroma ATE at Taoyuan Excellent Enterprise Awards

Double Win for Chroma ATE at Taoyuan Excellent Enterprise Awards

▲ Chroma ATE CFO Paul Ying (right) receives the Excellent Enterprise Award in Taoyuan City from the hands of Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan
December 28th, 2021
Chroma ATE was applauded twice at the 2021 Excellent Enterprise Awards in Taoyuan City, receiving both the Ingenuity Award and the Gender Equality Award. Organized by the Department of Economic Development of Taoyuan, Taiwan, the awards evaluate companies on their performance in fields such as competitiveness, business model, smart innovation, corporate identity, gender equality, and local development. The distinction serves to recognize the contributions of local enterprises throughout Taoyuan and encourage them to move towards excellence and sustainability, fulfill their corporate social responsibilities, and enhance industrial competitiveness.

Sustainable Innovation

Chroma is a high-tech yet low-pollution company that leads emerging technologies, such as those related to smart cities and smart mobility, and provides innovative test & automation turnkey solutions. Besides developing new energy technologies, Chroma also keeps innovating sustainable test and measurement instruments. Our engineers have invented a range of regenerative power sources and supplies that allow the electricity consumed in the test process to be recycled for reuse. The test solutions not only save customers largely on their electricity bills during production but also reduce energy and carbon emissions for more sustainable production lines. The regenerative test equipment sold by Chroma in 2020 alone were able to reduce nearly 40,000 tons of carbon emissions, equivalent to planting 2.834 million trees, throughout a variety of industries. Environmental sustainability concerns all of us and Chroma strives for ESG sustainability in the field of measurement.

Friendly Workplace

Staff at Chroma ATE receive a salary based on ability and not gender. A structural salary adjustment in early 2021 completed the optimization of our hierarchical structure, including an improved structure for job titles and fixed salary system. Employees find support in this structure for steady development of their careers within the organization, which serves to attract, motivate, and retain talent. Other core facilities offered by Chroma include gender-neutral restrooms, parking spaces dedicated to pregnant employees, and breastfeeding spaces. Dedicated to both physical and mental health, Chroma has long been providing employees with free high-class recreational facilities, regular health checkups, visiting counselors and doctors in both traditional and modern medicine, and seminars on health-related topics. The annual paid birthday and sick leave benefits are more favorable than those stipulated by the Labor Standards Act. Chroma believes that happy and healthy employees are key to raising productivity and industrial competitiveness.
▲ Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan introduced to Chroma ATE by William Chang, Special Assistant to the CEO at Chroma ATE

Local Development

Serving a global market, Chroma ATE keeps a firm footing in Taiwan with the headquarters and factory located in Taoyuan. Expansion and relocation of the factory at the end of 2020 enabled us to increase the production capacity of the Chroma Group, create nearly 2,000 new job opportunities, and provide new stimulus to the local economy of Taoyuan. The new headquarters was awarded for its integration of intelligent and green building principles, such as efficient management of energy, water resources, and greenhouse gases. This new base has enabled Chroma to increase turnover, while our carbon emissions have steadily decreased. Chroma strives to play a part in both the development of the industry in Taoyuan, as well as protection of the local environment.

In the face of the fundamental restructuring of global supply chains, the energy transition towards net-zero emissions, and inflation accelerated by the pandemic, Chroma has held up well and remained committed to innovation, environmental sustainability, gender equality, and happiness of employees. Our focus on sustainable operations is what makes Chroma a trustworthy partner for your testing needs.

Driving Innovation to Success
▲ Double Win for Chroma ATE at Taoyuan Excellent Enterprise Awards