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Chroma ATE Inc.

Strategy and Vision

Sustainable Management And The Pursuit Of Excellence

We understand, that for sustainable operation of the 
Company, we have to focus on the development of corporate social responsibility in addition to the pursuit of revenue growth. Our vision of business strategy is to strengthen corporate social responsibility as a vision for continuous dedication and company development.

Therefore, Chroma has published its fourth corporate social responsibility report this year to reinforce communications with stakeholders. In this report, we will disclose in detail our sustainable business performance and results from the economic, environmental and social aspects. Chroma has invested a great amount of manpower and resources in the R&D and integration of core technologies over the years with the aim of developing more top-class products and to achieve excellent business performance. To maintain Chroma competitiveness and the advantages of its products, we have put tremendous efforts into developing innovative technologies. We have also provided our customers with more top-quality and comprehensive testing solutions to create higher value. The Company has ranked 11th amongst the top 50 Taiwan high performers in a major survey conducted by CommonWealth Magazine in 2018. CommonWealth Magazine also pointed out that Chroma is a company with long-term stability and short-term explosive growth potential.

Social Participation

Care For Society

Chroma has been continuously committed to social welfare and 
care for underprivileged groups and young children. We have long supported the BoYo Social Welfare Foundation, Paper Windmill Cultural Foundation and Qiu Zaixing Culture and Education Foundation. We are dedicated to giving a helping hand to those in need and cultivating their education and growth. To reinforce talent cultivation in the industry, the Company and the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology have established the Chroma NTUST R&D Center to nurture professionals and enhance the potential of research and development through industry-university cooperation. We believe in the concept of "giving back to society at the same time as we benefit from society.” In the future, we will continue to put more effort into specific action to give back to society and promote sustainable development.
  • Industry-Academy Cooperation
  • Social Welfare
Social Paticipation
Green Environment

Green Environment

Energy saving and environmentally friendly

Chroma has been advocating environmental protection and energy conservation for a long time. The company is fully aware of climate change and the need for energy conservation and carbon reduction to curb the environmental impact from greenhouse gases and global warming. In addition to continuous and innovative research and develop of the manufacturing processes for advanced equipment and high quality measuring instruments, we continue to measure greenhouse gas emissions using a method of traceable management. We are dedicated to lessening the impact of products on the environment by minimizing the use of energy and resources as well as reducing the amount of waste produced in manufacturing processes. We continue to promote more environmental protection projects to create a green enterprise that is environmental friendly.
  • Responses to Climate Change and Management of Energy and Resources
  • Waste Management
  • Management of Toxic Chemicals
  • Measures to Improve Energy Saving in the Factories

Employee Care

Happy Working Environment

The Company truly believes that employees are the core element for corporate and social development. Outstanding talent is a foundation that will allow the Company to achieve the strategic goal of sustainable development. It is also the driving force behind our continuous progress in business operations. At the same time, we also actively cultivate professional talent through 
career planning and development of core techniques, to create a win-win situation for our employees and the Company. We also implement the spirit of happy enterprise, as we not only
offer a high salary and welfare system but have also provide various pressure-release activities and facilities for our employees. In addition, we also have the safest, healthiest and most friendly working environment to take care of every aspect of the lives of our employees.
  • Composition of Employees
  • Employee Remuneration
  • Employee Welfare
  • Employee Training and Human Resources Management
  • Employee communication and care
  • Overall Employee Health Management
  • Safe Working Environment
Looking into the future, Chroma will continue with their efforts in innovation, research and development, and also develop international business sites to achieve a global business operation model. In the future, we plan to provide better services to our international customers and connect more quickly with the industry worldwide. We hope to expand our global business as we move steadily towards our ultimate goal. We look forward with insight to future industrial and social trends, and work together with our employees to generate more profit, to give back to
society and to create a brighter future.

- Leo Huang, Chroma CEO

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