ESG.Net Zero.Sustainability

We are committed to achieving

Net-Zero Office Locations by2030

Net-Zero Across All Operations by2050

Performance Highlights


EEWH Gold Certification for Green Buildings

The Chroma HQ Building

1 Female Director

Board Composition Diversity
(2023 Election)

Climate-Related Financial Disclosure Report (TCFD)

1st published in 2022
Best Taiwan Global Brands in 2022
2022 Consolidated Revenue (Million)


Green Revenue
2022 Patents Granted


Local Procurement

>140,000 tCO2e

The regenerative test and measurement solutions sold by Chroma have effectively reduced carbon emissions in 2020 to 2022

2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

This report discloses Chroma CSR activities and performance with respect to corporate governance, environmental protection and social responsibility for 2022 as a response to the issues that are of concern to stakeholders.
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