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Chroma ATE Inc.

Strategy and Vision

With rapid technological development and ever-changing markets, it has become increasingly challenging to run a business. In the face of such new circumstances of competition, we continue to believe that a world-class enterprise requires the three elements of “innovative technology” ,“own brand”, and “globalization”, and that world-class products must have the three characteristics of “precision” ,“reliability”, and “uniqueness”. To fulfill this vision, we have invested a great amount of manpower and resources in the R&D and integration of core technologies every year with the aim to develop more top-class products and achieve excellent performance for our business. To maintain Chroma’s competitiveness and the advantages of its products, we have put tremendous efforts into developing innovative technologies. We have also provided our customers with more top-quality and comprehensive testing solutions to create higher values. Products under our own brand “Chroma” have been sold around the world. Furthermore, we have been actively establishing overseas offices, which are located in Europe, the Americas, Japan, South Korea, China and Southeast Asia, to achieve the internationalization of operations. We strive to provide services to our international customers from locations near them in the future and keep up with the dynamics of international industries rapidly. Thinking globally, we hope that all our employees can work together and move forward with firm and solid steps to make our performance better and better.
2017 Solid Profit Growth
19,066 hr

19,066 hr

Employee Training
Up to 50%

Up to 50%

Waste Recycling Rate

Social Participation

For many years, we have actively participated in social activities and shown concern for disadvantaged groups and children. We have provided aids to those in need of assistance, and supported children’s learning and growth. To enhance cultural literacy in our countr y, we have sought to create more platforms for performing arts by donating to groups like the Yi-Yuan Arts and Cultural Foundation, Boyo Social Welfare Foundation, Paper Windmill Cultural Foundation, and Chew’s Culture Foundation. We are committed to the philosophy “whatever you take from the society, use it for the society”, and in the future we will continue to make contribution to the society through more concrete actions in order to fulfill our social responsibility.
  • Industry-Academy Cooperation
  • Social Welfare
Social Paticipation
Green Environment

Green Environment

Chroma and our subsidiaries have been actively taking part in activities of green and environmental protection industries. We are working aggressively to make our operations and products more eco-friendly in relation to our processes, production, services and philosophies. In this way, we seek to satisfy the requirements of our customers and the regulations on RoHS and toxic chemicals in the countries where we sell our products. We use it as the guidance for continuous improvements and sustainable management to eventually achieve the goal of a green industry. We will keep making improvement to the promotion of energy saving and carbon reduction in the factories. We are actively focusing on design and R&D in green industries, green production and GHG emission reduction. We seek to strengthen the environment of suppliers and green management to lessen the impact of products on our planet.
  • Responses to Climate Change and Management of Energy and Resources
  • Environmental Information
  • Waste Management
  • Measures to Improve Energy Saving in the Factories

Employee Care

With respect to the management of our company, we believe that employees are an indispensable part of a successful enterprise, and we see our employees as valuable assets. Therefore, we have actively supported cooperative education programs in colleges and niversities to cultivate and expand the pool of professional talents for the future. Our goal is to retain and attract the most talented professionals to sustain our capabilities to develop innovative technologies. For years, the relations between the management and employees in Chroma have stayed harmonious. We not only have well-established compensation and welfare systems but also have set up various types of facilities within the company for employees to relax themselves, such as gyms, swimming pools, spa pools and club activities. We have welldesigned and friendly environment for childcare and regulations regarding parental leave without pay. There are medical rooms with doctors contracted on a long-term basis, and we regularly conduct health examinations and organize seminars on health-related topics. We aim to provide the most comprehensive employee care, the safest and healthiest work environment, and complete education and training.
  • Composition of Employees
  • Employee Remuneration
  • Employee Welfare
  • Employee Training and Human Resources Management
  • Overall Employee Health Management
We have put great effort into our pursuit of excellence. Looking forward, we hope to keep up with trends and adapt ourselves to changes for the benefit of our employees and the society. Regarding our strategy for sustainable management, we aim to deepen the role played by CSR in setting future goals for our work and developing our vision. We must continue our efforts to serve and benefit the people. Let’s make our products more unique and special, embrace a new wave of demand for testing, and build a sustainable and bright future!

- Leo Huang, Chroma CEO

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