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Sustainable Operation

In 2019, the strenuous relationship between the US and China escalated from a trade war to one of technology. This has in turn changed the deployment of manufacturing industries worldwide and the ecosphere of supply chains. The demand for advanced semiconductor manufacturing equipment has spiked sharply as a result, with different countries investing substantial resources towards the development of AIoT and 5G related industries. It is change, innovation and breakthrough that have truly taught us that apart from operating revenue, sustainable operation of a company requires other crucial factors such as employees, teams, strategic operation, social development, as well as advanced technology and commitment to environmental protection. These factors are all interlinked and the absence of any one of them would render sustainable operation impossible. In recent years, Chroma has been actively involved in relevant test applications for semiconductors, AIoT, 5G, green-energy technologies and so on in collaboration with major international companies. We hope that these new domains for test applications will lead to the creation of more diverse and unique products to satisfy the various market needs for new innovation. This will in turn boost the value of our brand. Chroma has continuously been investing significantly in manpower and resources in the R&D and integration of core technologies with the aim of developing comprehensive and cutting-edge testing solutions that will give us an excellent business performance. I am pleased to see that Chroma has been selected as one of the Top 35 International Taiwan Brands in 2019 and this distinction reflects our Company’s status as a leading brand in both the domestic and global markets.

So far, 2020 has been a year of substantial impact, challenges and change ever since COVID-19 began to ravage the world and force global industries into totally unfamiliar territory. As the post-pandemic era approaches, it is imperative that we adapt and embrace the changes to production, operation, business promotion, marketing and customer service that have taken place. Technological and digital transitions have become even more crucial now because customer service is no longer bound by the constraints of time or region. With the epidemic still devastating other parts of the world as well as the ongoing trade and technology wars raging between the US and China, high-tech sectors face the real threat of a disrupted supply chain and this has dramatically raised the uncertainty factor for global economic growth. In the face of these challenges, Chroma will continue to focus on local innovation and development. In spite of the latest de-Sinicization and de-Americanization, we will stay abreast of the demand and actively satisfy the needs of Tier 1 customers for measurement and Turnkey solutions for intelligent manufacturing while accelerating development of advanced test solutions for semiconductor manufacture processes, AIoT, 5G communication et cetera, to achieve early deployment for customers.

Social Care

Giving back to society what we take from it. Chroma is a leader when it comes to social care and we are dedicated to social charity and participation. We strive to send warmth to those in need by caring and helping various organizations for many disadvantaged minorities. The Company has been a long-term supporter of local and international charity organizations not only by monetary contributions but also through resource donation. We have also set up a “massage kiosk” at the Company, which offers employment opportunities for visually impaired masseurs. To bolster the cultivation of local talent in this sector, we have been taking part in various collaborations with the Academia such as the organization of several different academic workshops, and the sponsoring of academic institutions by offering our testing equipment. The Chroma Research Room has been established specifically for students from several domestic colleges and universities. One project in which they take part regularly is the international Formula E racing competition for students. We work together with schools in the professional training of talented individuals who motivate and inspire one another working together on technological research projects. In the future, we will continue to give back to the local communities through more diverse means and actions so that we can bring more positive energy to society and create a better future for all.


In an effort to mitigate the global warming caused by greenhouse emission and minimize the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes, Chroma strongly advocates environmental protection and energy conservation. We remain true to the spirit of conservation as a green enterprise in all aspects of our operations, including environmental management, production and manufacturing processes and even in the design of our products. Our product applications cover electric vehicles, green batteries, LEDs, photovoltaics, the smart power grid and many others. We have placed more emphasis on the improvement of energy efficiency for our products than on new product development. This includes the development of regenerative battery charge and discharge systems and designs that are hazardous chemical free, eco-friendly and compliant with all relevant regulations. The Company has been steadily reducing its resource consumption over the years for the sake of energy conservation and carbon reduction. By lowering our power consumption, we have been able to reduce carbon emission intensity and alleviate the impact of our operations on the environment. We have also made a conscious effort to make optimal use of resources and are working together with our customers to become a green enterprise that makes a meaningful contribution to a more friendly Earth.

Employee Care

Since employees are our most precious assets, we have taken steps to ensure that our employee recruitment process offers plenty of opportunity for diversity, tolerance and equality for all applicants. All foreign workers at Chroma are entitled to equal benefits and all the perks enjoyed by local employees and we make an effort to appoint employees with physical disabilities to suitable positions in various departments. We actively encourage all our employees to pursue their careers and utilize their individual talents. Our employees are the most fundamental aspect of competitiveness in our corporate operation. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive education and training program designed to help employees boost their competence and vocational skills while supporting their self-management and growth. Besides, Chroma has also taken steps to promote employee physical and mental health by the organization of routine health checkups, workshops, seminars and activities on health-related topics. A TCM practitioner as well as a qualified physician are in attendance at our infirmary to ensure thorough and comprehensive health care for our employees. The Company also provides various facilities for sports and recreational activities that all employees can enjoy: a gymnasium, swimming pool and SPA. Last, but not least, Chroma supports an assortment of employee clubs and hosts various activities to provide space for employees to relax and unwind and encourages them to cultivate the habit of exercise. This fosters a positive atmosphere of physical fitness in the workplace. Each and every healthy employee can become a part of the driving force that propels Chroma forward. This care for our employees earned Chroma recognition as a“sports enterprise”in 2019.
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