Protection of Labor Rights

Chroma has established an Employee Welfare Committee that is responsible for the coordination of the Employee Welfare Fund and the organization of a range of activities such as company outings for employees, ball games, a variety of employee club activities, the issue of gifts for major festive holidays etc. Company benefits for employees include subsidies for employee weddings and bereavements, subsidies for company outings, labor insurance coverage, national health insurance and group insurance, an employee cafeteria, a dormitory and a recreation center that features a wide range of recreational facilities for employees and an employee parking lot.
Chroma takes all employee benefits very seriously and we make an effort to maintain a harmonious and positive labor-management relationship. In addition to complying with the Labor Standards Act and all the other pertinent regulations, we also provide benefits and perks that are better than those legally required. On top of that, we endeavor to boost the efficiency of internal communication and encourage our employees to provide input and feedback. In addition to regular internal communication meetings in different departments, we have also established communication channels that foster a better relationship with our employees. They have access to an "Employee Hotline", "Employee Email" and an "Employee Mailbox". Such communication channels give management a better understanding of issues of concern to employees and can help to avert any potential labor-management disputes.
To protect employee rights and improve their quality of life, the Employee Welfare Committee takes charge of the planning, contribution, custody and usage of the Employee Welfare Fund along with other affairs in accordance with all the pertinent regulations. All affairs relating to the maintenance of employee benefits and the Company’s welfare system are conducted as stipulated by law.
Pursuant to the requirements of the Labor Standards Act, Chroma has established the“Employee Retirement Procedure” and contributes 4% of the employee monthly salaries as their pension reserve to a designated account at the Bank of Taiwan. A Pension Reserve Supervisory Committee has also been established which is responsible for management and supervision of the reserve. Also pursuant to the Labor Pensions Act, the Company has also been contributing 6% of each employee’s salary to their personal pension account according to the new pension system. Some employees also choose to voluntarily deposit money into the fund and the Company deducts the amount from their salary and remits it to the personal pension account set up by the Bureau of Labor Insurance
We encourage our female employees to breastfeed their babies after birth. In our building, there are lactation rooms with refrigerators for the storage of breast milk and stringent access control. By providing such exclusive space for our female employees, we make them feel comfortable and protect their privacy and safety while enabling them to take care of their family and work with peace of mind. An employee who has been in their job for at least six months may, in accordance with the "Act of Gender Equality in Employment" and "Regulations for Implementing Unpaid Parental Leave for Raising Children", apply for unpaid parental leave before their child reaches the age of three. The leave shall be no more than two years in extent. The Company arranges for the employee to return to their original unit and position after the parental leave expires. Seventeen employees applied for parental leave in 2019. Their average re-appointment rate was 75%, with 100% retention rate.
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