Health and Well-being

Chroma carries out regular health checkup and management for new employees and current employees (as well as those engaged in special operations with potential exposure to ionizing radiation, lead, MDI, chromic acid, etc.) and covers all the relevant costs.  

The Company organizes a health checkup for current employees once every 18 months and employees serving more than a year are eligible for participation. More than 95% of our employees regularly take part in the health checkup. In addition to all the items that have to be legally included in the examinations, the Company has consulted the onsite physician and an occupational medicine doctor and health personnel to determine if other items need to be added to the regular checkups to ensure comprehensive health care for all employees. The data from employee health checkups at all the plants is imported into the health checkup management system each year. Employees can login and check their own health record over the years. The system also makes the tiered management of health checkup and relevant follow-up more convenient. We also arrange for employees to consult with physicians based on the outcome of their health checkup and follow up their health status on a regular basis. Our health checkup management system and our onsite physicians work as a comprehensive medical support system that provides suitable health and medical services to any employee who needs them.

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