Health and Well-being

Chroma places great value in keeping employees healthy. For us, employee work competence is equivalent to their state of health, which is in turn equivalent to the level of competitiveness of the Company. We firmly believe that employees are the most important component of any successful enterprise and this is reflected in our philosophy of cherishing employees as an invaluable resource.   

We have set up various facilities within the company for employees to relax in an outstanding environment for recreation. There are a gymnasium, swimming pool, spa and various spaces for club activities. We have well-designed and friendly childcare environments and reasonable regulations for parental leave without pay. There are medical rooms with onsite doctors, and we regularly conduct health examinations and organize seminars on health-related topics. We aim to provide the most comprehensive employee care, the safest and healthiest work environment, as well as complete training and education.

Chroma has made a conscious effort to promote sports and physical activities in the workplace and we encourage our employees to make a habit of exercising. The Company was certified as a "Sports Enterprise" in 2017 and 2019. Companies that have received this certification enjoy privileges such as physical exercise seminars and fitness assessments provided by the Sports Administration free of charge. These activities help to effectively boost employee physical fitness. By keeping all our employees healthy, we secure the drive that keeps the Company moving forward.

2019 Sports Enterprise

2017 Sports Enterprise

Chroma Receives 2017 Exercise Enterprise Certification

The health of our employees is a blessing to Chroma. Healthy employees increase productivity. Chroma always advocates a healthy lifestyle in the workplace and encourages employees to use their spare time to engage in sports and health-related leisure activities ...
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