Decent Work and Economic Growth

Corporate Governance and Economic Performance

2018 Stable Profit
8% of the net operating revenue was invested in innovation and R&D
Domestic and Foreign Patents Approved in 2017

The Deserved Taiwan Excellence Award in 2018

The Taiwan Excellence Award is and award that the Ministry of Economic Affairs grants to strictly selected products of “innovative values” in consideration of the “Made in Taiwan” conditions in four categories of “R&D”, “Design”, “Quality”, and “Marketing”.  

In the 27th Taiwan Excellence Award ceremony, two of the products produced by Chroma were selected as products with "Innovative Value" and Chroma won the Taiwan Excellence Award.

The Chroma 2238 video signal graphics generator provides testing support for the Ultra HD 8K resolutions (7680x4320/8192x4320) and it fully supports the 8K@30/60Hz resolution specifications The modular interface can load 4 signal modules simultaneously and output 4 different resolutions and testing diagrams. The user can select the most suitable combination based on testing and application.

The Chroma 17040 energy recovery battery module testing system is a high-precision, highly efficient and safe charge and discharge device specially developed for the testing of high-power secondary battery sets. It also has a battery discharge energy recovery function, which provides a clean and stable power supply. Efficiency is 90% or more and fully achieves the function of energy saving and low heat emission.


Social Performance

Employee Training Hours
iLearning Education and Training Platform

We aim to enhance the professional knowledge, skills, and expertise of our employees to improve their quality and overall competitiveness. As the forms of learning change rapidly, we seek to offer diverse range of ways of learning. Since 2015, with cooperation from the IT division, we have developed our education and training platform i-Learning. Its current functions include online learning, information sharing, preservation of training records, evaluation and access management. In the future, we will continue to develop more unique and user-friendly functional modules to make learning more interesting for our employees.

Lifelong investment-English learning

To effectively improve the English ability of our employees and create a better atmosphere of learning, we plan to open a learning group on Facebook that is exclusively for our employees. We will also organize seminars on business English and learning workshops for our employees to experience an English - speaking environment similar to that in foreign countries and develop learning habits.

As competition in the global market gets fiercer, English has already become the primary language for communication. We are aware of the crucial task of human capital development. Bill Gates once predicted that web education is the future trend. Cloud-based English learning has become a popular new trend. Such type of learning provides flexibility in time and place. From 2015 to 2017, we implemented the “English Improvement Program” which allowed online personalized learning. In addition to accessing the contents of video / audio learning, employees could log into virtual classrooms to start conversations with learners from countries around the world in small groups or get online tutorials on a one-on-one basis. Each month, employees were urged to continue learning depending on their progress, and proficiency tests were held every six (6) months after they began learning to regularly check their learning status. Based on the levels of proficiency of individual employees, different kinds of rewards were offered. For those whose improvement met the standards after the completion of learning, they received subsidies as rewards.


Environmental Performance

Waste Recycling Rate
Sustainable Cities and Communities

Customer Relationship Management

We have long continued to adhere to the belief that a world-class enterprise
requires the three elements of “innovative technology”, “own brand”, and “globalization”, and that world-class products must also have “precision,” “reliability” and “uniqueness,” to achieve sustainable development. We understand that earning recognition and long-term support from our customers is the only right way for the company to maintain sustainable growth.

The company is a leading manufacturer of measuring and testing 
equipment. We provide customers with advanced, innovative and high-quality services to meet their demands. We are customer oriented and think proactively. We assist our customers to establish professional and
customized equipment and provide them with a quality service. This approach has had a positive and beneficial effect on the growth cycle that exists between us and our customers.

We have always pursued the ultimate goal of meeting customer satisfaction. We use a satisfaction survey form to determine the levels of customer satisfaction with all aspects of our performance. The survey form can be used as the basis for plans to enhance performance and to maintain our overall competitiveness and management efficiency. The survey was conducted by our marketing and planning department. The questionnaire was in four languages: traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English and Japanese. Customers with Chroma transactions of at least NT$300,000 in 2018 were eligible for selection as samples. The survey focused on customer satisfaction from four aspects: the product, marketing activity, salesperson and after-sales service. A total of 1500 questionnaires were sent out.

Meaning for Chroma

To meet the demands of customers, we offer not only products but also comprehensive services to improve customer satisfaction.

Concrete Plans for 2018

  • Strengthen the stability of our operations.
  • Keep improving the corporate governance system and take part in its relevant evaluation.

Goals for 2018

  • Keep the overall score of satisfaction within the “Satisfactory” range of 4 to 5 (on a 5-point scale).
  • Improve customer satisfaction and get a score higher than that attained in 2017.
  • A rate of customer complaints of 0%

Resources Invested

  • A survey of four aspects of satisfaction: quality, marketing activity, salesperson, after-sales service.
  • Compilation and analysis of responses to customers.

Evaluation Mechanism

Evaluation was based on the number of customer complaints.

Concrete Performance in 2018

  • The score of customer satisfaction in 2018 was 4.31 within the range of “Satisfactory”, an increase of 0.1 from the previous year.
  • The rate of handling of customer opinions and feedback was 100%
  • The rate of customer complaints was 0%
  • No special cases

2019 or Medium-term to Long-term Goals

  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Improve product and service quality according to customer feedback.

Results of Customer Satisfaction Survey in 2018

The overall results of the survey in 2018 showed that customer satisfaction was at a “Satisfactory” level, with an average score of 4.31. The scores on all the subjects showed an increase in comparison with those of the three previous years, and were the highest attained for several years. The highest scores achieved were in product quality and sales personnel. In the future, the company plans to create more e-service platforms to fulfill the immediate requirements of our customers. The salespersons in charge will be tasked with carrying out regular follow-ups and adjustments, as a response to customer suggestions for improvement. The excellent performance of Chroma over the years has established a good interaction and cooperation model with our customers. Feedback from our customers has become a driving force for improvement in products and services. Our ultimate goal is to exceed customer expectations.

Protect customer property

We are absolutely committed to the principles of secrecy and confidentiality of information during business transactions with our customers. The code of conduct for employees stipulates that all the confidential information of the company shall remain secret. This ensures the safety of customer property such as hardware software, and data. Moreover, our confidential mechanism through the “ethical standards” rules in the factoriesserves to avoid the risk of information leaks.

A new information technology solutions platform

Chroma launched a new digital information service in 2018, to enhance customer service and instantly and efficiently provide product information to our customers. The robust platform functions allow our customers to instantly obtain information on various measurements and
automated turnkey solutions via APP. At present, the platform service is available in three languages and it includes a global service map with functions such as GPS navigation and contact through phone, e-mail and website. This enables customers to search for the nearest local service site at any time and from anywhere. This platform creates a good communications bridge for instant customer contact. The online electronic catalog is also eco-friendly, in that it saves the printing of at least 760,000 copies a year.

Customers are able to obtain preliminary information and can also connect to the online price quotation system via the APP as to easily obtain business assistance and further information.

The company information platform covers 14 measurement solutions and more than 500 product models. The main application fields include electric vehicles, green batteries, LEDs, solar power, semiconductors, photonics, flat panel displays, video and color, power electronics, passive components, electrical safety, thermoelectric temperature control, automated optical inspection and intelligent manufacturing systems for smart factories.


Contact & Feedback

Chroma welcome your voice and please do not hesitate to contact us via email.