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Understanding the needs and expectations of stakeholders is a key to the core implementation of corporate social responsibility, and also the key to report analysis and disclosure. To fulfill company social responsibilities, we heed the needs and expectations of the people through various communication channels and proactively respond in a sincere manner. We identify various sustainability topics of concern by means of material topics in the GRI Standards, as a basis for the disclosures in our yearly Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

To identify stakeholders related to Chroma, meetings of stakeholders are held. In accordance with the AA1000 stakeholders engagement standard, these meetings discuss the influence, level of attention, responsibility, level of dependence and diverse perspectives. Discussions based on employee feedback were held at the CSR Committee meetings in 2018 to recognize the main stakeholders.

The main Chroma stakeholders identified by the CSR Committee are:


The annual report contains no significant changes for the main company stakeholders, compared with the 2017 report.

The company believes that building a close relationship and communications 
between Chroma and society is an important part of CSR fulfillment. We have adopted an open approach and value the opinions of all parties. We are able to receive valuable suggestions and advice by close communications with our stakeholders and this helps us to understand their actual needs and expectations. The CSR reports help with the identification of potential risks as well as management opportunities. We continue to improve our operations to meet the requirements for corporate sustainable management.

Channels and Frequency of Communication and Engagement with Stakeholders

We conducted a matrix analysis on the levels of concern shown by different types of stakeholders and the degree of immediate or potential impact on our company using internal communication, coordination, and the assessment of effective management integration. The aim was to determine how much concern stakeholders have shown for a particular topic and how much impact that has had on our business operations.


Material Aspects of Consideration and Boundary Identification


List and Matrix of Material Topics

No significant changes in material topics were found in 2018, compared to 2017. However, the importance of customer relationship management and green energy-saving product design were enhanced.

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