Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Chroma has established the “CSR Committee” (with a four year term) and the President is the current Chairman. Led by the Chairman, all relevant divisions of Chroma shall be responsible for the implementation of strategies and sustainable corporate development. The Center for Environmental Protection, Safety and Health has been designated as the primary point of contact. 

We are determined to continue as a socially responsible enterprise and will promote CSR ideas and actions throughout the Chroma Group. This will help us to achieve corporate sustainable development. To do this we need continuously correct and improve our business operations. We have also released the “Principles on CSR Best Practices” to demonstrate our clear
commitment to social responsibility.

Specialized CSR Unit

To maintain corporate sustainable development and continue the overall development of social responsibility, both locally and internationally, we offer regular opportunities for our employees to engage in both internal and external educational activities. These include both training courses and seminars and we aim to keep advancing the sustainable thinking that guides the ”CSR Committee”. We are focusing on the planning and promotion of CSR-related matters in our group, including governance policies, corporate commitments, environmental protection and social engagement.
Social Paticipation
The “Principles for CSR Best Practices” were established in 2016 and all employees and interested parties were informed. Chroma encourages an emphatic business management approach towards the fulfillment of CSR to keep in line with the international trend towards balancing care for the environment with society and corporate governance. Everyone in Chroma is encouraged to assume responsibility as a corporate citizen to increase our contribution to the national economy. The objective being to improve the quality of the lives of employees, communities and society, and also to maintain our competitive advantages. To fulfill the purpose of CSR and respect social ethics and the rights of other stakeholders, we need to pay attention to relationships between the environment, society and corporate governance in the pursuit of sustainable management and profit. Such concerns should become a part of Chroma management and operations.

CSR Committee’s Organizational Structure

The CSR Committee held four meetings in 2018. Issues discussed during the meetings included energy management, social welfare, employee care, corporate sustainable management, management of the social responsibility of suppliers, various CSR plans and devoted resources, and the planning of implementation reports. The meetings were held to realize management commitment, promote a balance between the economy, environment and society, and achieve sustainable development.

Regular discussions and meetings are held to strengthen communication among the divisions. Internal and external resources are mobilized for project planning and management. We also keep making improvements to meet the goal of corporate sustainable development and demonstrate that the company is truly dedicated to fulfilling our social responsibility.

Contact & Feedback

Chroma welcome your voice and please do not hesitate to contact us via email.