Chroma has been continuously committed to social welfare and care for underprivileged groups and young children. We have long supported the BoYo Social Welfare Foundation, Paper Windmill Cultural Foundation and Qiu Zaixing Culture and Education Foundation. We are dedicated to giving a helping hand to those in need and cultivating their education and growth. To reinforce talent cultivation in the industry, the Company and the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology have established the Chroma NTUST R&D Center to nurture professionals and enhance the potential of research and development through industry-university cooperation. We believe in the concept of "giving back to society at the same time as we benefit from society.” In the future, we will continue to put more effort into
specific action to give back to society and promote sustainable development.
Partnerships for the Goals

Industry-Academic Collaboration to Cultivate Talents for the Industry

Chroma and NTUST are strengthening their international industry-academic collaboration with a focus on AI and the green energy industry.

Chroma devotes much effort to social engagement in collaboration with the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST). We participate in international industry-academic collaboration and in the research and development of cutting-edge technologies such as sustainable energy, artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent manufacturing. Chroma has a longstanding agreement with the NTUST and after the establishment of the Chroma NTUST R&D Center in 2015, we have continued to make an NT$5 million donation for three consecutive years. This total of NT$15 million had been supplemented by a donation of NT$4.2 million worth of measurement and testing equipment. This industry-academic collaboration combines the research energy of the university with Chroma’s advanced technology in the cultivation of talent for industry!

NTUST works closely with industry and is able to customize solutions to solve industrial issues based on enterprise needs. It also provides research and development energy that cultivates talent for industry. We hope that our yearslong successful experience allows us to expand our industry-academic collaboration to an international level. This will help many domestic manufacturers to develop an international market and will connect our own R&D energy with many other international research institutions and related industries. 

NTUST is dedicated to the international industry-academic collaboration and has good technology interaction and communication with technologically advanced countries such as Germany, the US and Japan. The large number of international NTUST alumni, that include graduates from the US, Indonesia, Vietnam and Ethiopia, has become an important resource for the promotion of international industry-academic collaboration. 

Chroma is a world-leading supplier of precision electronic test and measurement instrumentation, automated test systems, intelligent manufacturing systems, and comprehensive test and automation turnkey solutions. Chroma makes substantial investment in R&D every year to sustain its leading key technologies. Chroma’s highly integrated capabilities in the optical, mechanical, electronic, temperature control and software fields, help the company retain its competitive advantages and maintain sustainable business operations. The technology and technological manpower of NTUST can quickly provide assistance to Chroma in the development of prospective technology and cutting-edge applications.
Benjamin Huang (left), Deputy GM of Chroma, and Ching-Jong Liao (right), president of NTUST, in the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement. *Photo provided by NTUST.

Social Welfare

Chroma is connected with the underprivileged rural areas and works together with small farmers to create a beautiful future.
There are many small farmers in the rural areas of Taiwan who produce high-quality agricultural products. The “Fine food in neighboring areas” platform was established in 2011 to help overcome many of the trading difficulties encountered by small farmers. The platform enables enterprises to purchase directly from the small farmers in rural areas, and this mutually beneficial relationship facilitates the availability of these fine agricultural products. The core values of the "Fine food in neighboring areas" are "clean,” “excellent” and “fair." The goal is to deliver safe food to people who need it. The small farmers are given a stable and consistent platform from which to sell their produce. This is a driving force that allows them to continue farming, and establishes a good sustainable cycle between farmer and consumer.

Chroma enhanced its collaboration with "Fine food in neighboring areas" starting in June 2018. Supplies for the cafeteria are regularly purchased from the small farmers and the Chroma employees can enjoy fresh organic fruit and vegetables for lunch. Collaboration between Chroma, the farmers and the employees, allows the company to both enhance its competitiveness, and take care of the small local farmers in the countryside. In addition, we provide our employees with better and healthier food that enhances their health and satisfaction. This good platform has created a positive outcome for all three parties concerned.

The company will continue to enhance these collaborations to the advantage of employees, local society and the sustainable development of the company.
Sponsor the Monocycle Team of the Shanlin Junior High School for a Long Journey to Kenting
We have supported local disadvantaged organizations and students in remote areas for a long time and hope that everyone in the society can live a better life. In 2017, we supported the monocycle team of the Shanlin Junior High School in Kaohsiung City with NT$ 100,000 to help them successfully challenge a long journey up to 108 kilometers within three (3) days . We helped the students accommodate their experiences in the hope that they will face challenges more persistently and bravely to solve the problems in their life. By taking the lead in contributing to the society, we hope to create a positive social atmosphere and bring more warmth and happiness with this kindness and good intention.

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