Education and Training

We take employee development very seriously and perceive the cultivation of talented individuals as a real competitive edge. As such, we have planned a fully comprehensive system for education and training and have developed relevant training programs and courses designed to help employees boost their vocational skills, management capacity and achieve self-development. Chroma has therefore established an "Education and Training Management Procedure" as the basis of all the education and training courses that are offered each year. Our training plans are proposed in accordance with the needs of each department and regular enhancements are made to this training system each year that continue to boost employee competency.
Training of new employees
New employees all attend general courses that include: an introduction of the Company, the corporate credo, ethical standards, labor and human rights laws, rules and regulations, the quality system, documentation system, environmental system and labor safety and health in accordance with the law, as well as the social responsibility management system. There are also professional courses in the divisions. In addition, all new employees in the PM, Sales and R&D who are all directly related to products, will take a three-day "training course for new staff members". Contents of this course cover the Chroma product lines in full, R&D and manufacturing processes, quality control and verification etc., to help new employees familiarize themselves with the Company and become acclimatized as quickly as possible. This allows them to contribute what they bring to the Company in the shortest time.
Internal instruction
Each unit submits a training plan based on their needs so that the unit supervisor and HR unit can plan relevant OJT and internal training courses. In 2019, there were 148 internal educational sessions held for 3629 participants. These participants completed a total of 8813 hours of training. This was 3116 hours more than in the previous year.
External instruction
The bulk of our external education has been arranged to strengthen employee competence and facilitate legal compliance. Competency trainings include marketing and sales, while legal trainings cover topics on fire safety, the environment, safety and health. All departments can arrange for employees to attend external seminars and lectures based on the specific needs or skill requirements for their positions. Employees will learn about the latest trends and dynamics to the benefit of Company growth. Chroma will so have enough employees with professional skills to meet development needs and achieve sustainable management. In 2019, a total of 337 sessions of external instruction were held for 337 participants. They completed a total of 3153.5 hours of training. This was 868 hours more that in the previous year.
The following table shows the average duration of required yearly training for our managerial and non-managerial employees.
Online training platform (i Learning)
Chroma has entrusted its HR and IT units to provide the means for our employees to gain all the necessary skills and professional knowledge they need, as well as expertise in conjunction with the latest trend for online training with electronic systems. To achieve this end, the HR and IT units have developed an exclusive online electronic (i Leaning) training platform. This training platform has a wide and rich selection of training courses including: management, marketing, R&D, technical, general, orientation and many others. The platform enables employees to browse and register for relevant courses and offers a convenient and versatile solution for all employees to take part in online learning.
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