Performance Management

Chroma uses a system for performance evaluation that involves management by object to ensure a fair and reasonable procedure for performance evaluation. The system is used to evaluate employee work performance and its outcome serves as the basis for considerations such as appointment to a specific position, promotion, increments, training, career development etc. The main goal of performance evaluation is improvement of overall employee performance and their contribution to the fulfillment of the Chroma operational plans.

The focus of the objective-oriented management system is as follows:
(1)Two aspects: results and behavioral.
(2)Three stages: initial setting, mid-term review and final evaluation.
(3)Two objectives: employee development and human resources policies that are designed to facilitate superior-subordinate communication and organizational feedback.

Given that work objectives and goals are more difficult to assess and define for direct personnel and street-level administrative staff, Chroma has retained its original job performance evaluation system that examines employee performance for specific work items in conjunction with an objective-oriented system. Criteria for job performance evaluation include: work quality, work efficiency, work competency and service spirit.

The results from the performance evaluation system are incorporated into the promotion management system and the remuneration systems to ensure the evaluation of employee performance serves as a basis for human resources. With the exception of the managers of business units or higher levels, local employees are required to undergo performance evaluation after a three-month probationary period. In 2019, 1,447 employees underwent performance evaluation and 90.19% underwent objective-oriented performance evaluation and 9.81% underwent job performance evaluation.

(1) Job performance evaluation: For administrative staff, clerks, assistants and assistant secretaries of grades 1-4; for technical, operators and technicians of grades 1-3 who came on board between July and September.
(2) Objective-oriented performance evaluation: Others.
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