Contractor Management

In an effort to protect the safety of contractor personnel and Chroma employees and to keep our plants safe, the Company has established its "Contractor Management Procedure" which requires that our contractors comply with the pertinent regulations for labor safety and health. In addition, contractors are required to adhere to the Chroma management processes and carry out relevant operations while taking part in the training organized by Chroma at the end of each year (applicable for contractors that had worked with the Company during the previous year or had long-term collaborated with the Company) to help them develop adequate awareness of health and safety, which will in turn reduce the incidence of occupational accidents and facilitate the creation of a safe workplace. Should an accident happen during a contractor operation, the Chroma personnel responsible for administering first aid shall handle the situation. An investigation of the cause shall be carried out by our Health & Safety unit, which will then formulate corresponding preventive measures.   

While Chroma had no accidents involving contractors in 2019, the pertinent regulations are becoming stricter by the day. A regular Company review will be made of our compliance with the rules. When the Occupational Health and Safety Management System has been established, contractor operations will be incorporated into our identification of hazard risks to ensure that all employees and contractor personnel can do their work in a safe and secure work environment and we will have a "zero occupational hazard" workplace.

Flow chart for contractor management

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