Collaborations with Academia


In the past few years, Chroma has been involved in industry-academia collaborations with prestigious schools including the National Taiwan University, the National Cheng Kung University, the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and the National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology by offers of long-term scholarships, subsidies for the Chroma R&D Center and the donation of relevant testing equipment for the purpose of education and research. This gives the students early access to relevant industrial knowledge. We hope these efforts will nurture more talent for the sector and provide employment opportunities that will motivate students to join Chroma immediately after graduation.

USR×CSR AIoT Program Education 2.0

The era of AIoT will soon be upon us and we need to help students to cultivate the skills they will need for AIoT applications. A new curriculum has been created by the Ministry of Education and the NCTU social responsibility project (USR) is in collaboration with the Global Research & Industry Alliance (Gloria) and other high-tech companies who have launched the“USR×CSR AIoT Program Education 2.0 Promotional Project”. This has been done to foster IT education which will incorporate elements of core processing and sensor components in the relevant courses.

Chroma takes the nurture of IT talent very seriously and has become a sponsor of the“USR×CSR AIoT Program Education 2.0 Promotional Project”. This project involves the donation of 40 units of the“Rabonni AIoT Program Educational Sensor Device” to each of 120 chosen elementary and junior high schools in Hsinchu County. This will help them incorporate better IT education into their syllabuses and prepare the students for technological literacy. We hope to stimulate student interest in AIoT technologies with this sensor device through hands-on practical experience with the tool. Students will be able to design and create new technological tools and build a knowledge of IT systems. Acquisition of a fundamental competence is important for the AIoT generation.

WinBus - 100% Independently Developed and MIT Self-Driving Minibus

WinBus is an MIT self-driving minibus developed with support from the Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT) of MOEA. It was the result of a special technology project, carried out by the Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC) and others in the sector. It has more than 20 different suppliers of major automotive components all locally produced. These include the chassis, drive train, electrical circuitry, body structure, sensors, decision control, network service connection and operating services. Built from ground up, the WinBus is 100% independently developed and manufactured in Taiwan.

The drive train is the heart of the electric bus and its quality will have a major impact on the overall performance of the vehicle. The fact that Chroma was selected to provide the power system for the WinBus certainly helped us increase our product exposure. It also served to showcase Taiwan soft power in the area of automatically driven vehicles as well as the hard power of the Taiwan industrial

AOI Cross Domain Innovative Application Workshop

April 17, 2019

Optical applications have seen wider use in smart phones, Industry 4.0, IoT, robotics and also in healthcare. In April 2019, Chroma hosted the“AOI Cross Domain Innovative Application Workshop” showing some quite novel optical 3D measurement technology as well as new applications of AI technologies in the field of optics and application examples of optical measuring technologies etc.

The workshop attracted scholars, research workers and many other professionals from the domain of optics. The many participants enjoyed fruitful discussions and exchanges of knowledge and shared their expertise and vision in the optics, photonics and related fields

Chroma and NTUST are strengthening their international industry-academic collaboration with a focus on AI and the green energy industry.

March 26, 2018

Chroma devotes much effort to social engagement in collaboration with the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST). We participate in international industry-academic collaboration and in the research and development of cutting-edge technologies such as sustainable energy, artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent manufacturing. Chroma has a longstanding agreement with the NTUST and after the establishment of the Chroma NTUST R&D Center in 2015, we have continued to make an NT$5 million donation for three consecutive years. This total of NT$15 million had been supplemented by a donation of NT$4.2 million worth of measurement and testing equipment. This industry-academic collaboration combines the research energy of the university with Chroma’s advanced technology in the cultivation of talent for industry!

NTUST works closely with industry and is able to customize solutions to solve industrial issues based on enterprise needs. It also provides research and development energy that cultivates talent for industry. We hope that our yearslong successful experience allows us to expand our industry-academic collaboration to an international level. This will help many domestic manufacturers to develop an international market and will connect our own R&D energy with many other international research institutions and related industries.

NTUST is dedicated to the international industry-academic collaboration and has good technology interaction and communication with technologically advanced countries such as Germany, the US and Japan. The large number of international NTUST alumni, that include graduates from the US, Indonesia, Vietnam and Ethiopia, has become an important resource for the promotion of international industry-academic collaboration.

Chroma is a world-leading supplier of precision electronic test and measurement instrumentation, automated test systems, intelligent manufacturing systems, and comprehensive test and automation turnkey solutions. Chroma makes substantial investment in R&D every year to sustain its leading key technologies. Chroma’s highly integrated capabilities in the optical, mechanical, electronic, temperature control and software fields, help the company retain its competitive advantages and maintain sustainable business operations. The technology and technological manpower of NTUST can quickly provide assistance to Chroma in the development of prospective technology and cutting-edge applications.

Chroma sponsored the 14th Taiwan Power Electronics Symposium and Exhibition


The Power Electronics Symposium is an annual academic symposium. Facing the global competition , the seminar provides a platform for publishing industry - leading new knowledge in power electronics and new technologies for industrial research and development. It also aims to strengthen education in power electronics quality , enhance students'employment competitiveness and international competitiveness of industries . Through the zero-distance exchange of opportunities for people in the industry, the exchange of industries and academic exchanges will be promoted. This in turn will help the development of the overall motor industry in Taiwan and the creation of new opportunities. Chroma ATE Inc. sponsored this seminar, hoping to contribute its effort and feedback tothis industry.

Industry-University Cooperation
Chroma Taiwan Tech R&D Center


A R&D Center has been founded with the collaboration of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Chroma donated 6 million worth of power electronic equipment in 2015, and will provide 5 million a year for industry-university cooperation for 3 consecutive years. A total of 10 million was offered in the first year. The combination of university research capabilities and Chroma’s industry insight is ideal for the development of young talents. Chroma also provides scholarships and internship opportunities for Taiwan Tech students so that they could be exposed to corporate culture and industry trends.

Chroma has had 3 years of collaboration in power electronics with Taiwan Tech. Our familiarity with each other has led to the founding of a R&D center. The main focus of our collaboration is on advanced power electronic instruments and dimension measuring technology. Power electronics encompass electrical energy recycling, application-specific conversion, R&D in efficient power converters, etc. Optical/automatic optical inspection (AOI) includes R&D in defect inspection of electronic components and micron level measurement.
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