Ethical Management

GRI 102-16;GRI 205-3
Chroma has always prioritized “integrity” as the most important core value for employee conduct. Relevant internal regulations include “Ethical Management Best Practices”, “Chroma Rules on Ethical Management”, “Ethical Code of Conduct”, etc. To create a basis for reward and censure for employee conduct and performance at work, our “Employee Reward and Censure Procedure” serves as a guideline that defines relevant disciplinary actions for violation and the handling of personal grievances. In addition, a whistle-blower email and hotline are also featured on our website as a channel of complaint for both internal and external personnel. The responsible unit will take immediate action to deal with complaints as soon as they are submitted. We ask all our employees to observe all the pertinent laws and internal regulations by extensive and firm promotion of desirable values such as loyalty and integrity to foster our corporate culture.   

Regular lectures on company organization, culture, and internal workplace ethics and morals, are given to new employees that emphasize the importance of personal and workplace integrity. Internal training is also given to current employees to strengthen their integrity. In 2020, a total of 6 sessions were held with 146 participants.   

In addition to conveying the importance of integrity, we have also established processes designed to prevent acts of dishonesty in the “Chroma Rules on Ethical Management”. Moreover, we also ask collaborating partners to sign a “Letter of Undertaking of Integrity”, which clearly states that the undersigned party pledges to refrain from transactions that would be deemed inappropriate or unethical in all business activities and that Chroma may immediately terminate all business dealings with an undersigned party in the event of violation. Terms on integrity and ethical practices have also been included in the Chroma standard sales and purchase contracts to deter any acts of dishonesty. There were no incidents of unethical conduct or corruption in 2020 and all employees acted according to the pertinent regulations on ethical conduct and stayed true to Chroma’s ethical management philosophy.
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