Green Products

Chroma have working together with our customers to become a green enterprise
that makes a meaningful contribution to a more friendly Earth.
Development of Green and Safe Products
GRI 102-11
Chroma started out as a display tester and later expanded its business to nine major product groups including power electronics, passive components, semiconductor and IC design inspection. More companies are paying attention to energy conservation and carbon reduction in the face of accelerated global warming. To satisfy customer demand for green products, Chroma has incorporated eco-friendly concepts into our manufacturing processes, products and services. Our designs are eco-friendly as well as our raw materials, parts, peripherals and packaging materials and all achieve efficient use of energy resources and mitigate the potential environmental impact made by our products, activities and services to meet a growing customer requirement for eco-friendly products.

We have introduced the concept of green product design in every stage of new product R&D processes. The R&D division is tasked with making the products more energy-efficient and to ensure they comply with all the regulations on hazardous chemicals. We use renewable and recyclable materials as much as possible. Improvement and evaluation is carried out on a continuous basis to ensure that our mass produced products meet the requirements and standards of quality assurance and environmental protection. We conduct sampling inspection batch by batch to ensure the products remain in compliance with the requirements and standards. Our aim is to ultimately realize the sustainable management of all our produc ts.

We have adopted appropriate pollution prevention technologies in both manufacturing and production that have added to product energy conservation. Careful reduction design prevents the occurrence of waste and pollution after product use or end of life. This much more effective use of energy resources reduces the impact on the environment that may result from our services.
Our Industrial Strategy and being a Leader in Green Energy
GRI 102-11
Chroma is renowned for its power electronics testing solutions, in which we have the largest market share in the world. Chroma has a unique vision and was at the forefront to seize the opportunities presented by green energy. We are now the leading supplier of our own brands of automatic test equipment (ATE). Our focus is on nine groups of products: video and color, power electronics, passive components/electrical safety, semiconductor/IC, solar power, LEDs, batteries, electric vehicles, and optical component testing solutions. We also plan to develop power electronic testing solutions. So far, we have more than 800 patents and over 100 special core technologies, this is the highest number in the domestic measurement industry. In 2018, Chroma ranked 69th in applications for invention patents in Taiwan, and 82nd with respect to the number of announced patents, so within the top 100 of domestic companies on both respects.

Our future operational strategies will be based on securing our place in the green energy industry and we are constantly adjusting direction and the steps being taken in this direction. At the same time, we are drawing up performance evaluation strategies to enhance our core competencies. As a result, we have become firmly rooted in both solar power and the electric vehicle fields. A wide range of new green energy products continue to enter the market and need more accurate product-testing services. Because the market is now focused on the excellent opportunities that have come with the green energy industry, we have also extended our key testing technologies to clean energy. We have developed a range of technologically advanced products that lead the industry., including the Total Power testing solutions using light-emitting diodes (LED)s, as well as systems for the automatic grading of the efficiency of solar cells, and for regenerative battery formation. These products have enabled Chroma and its subsidiaries to maintain their lead in the testing solutions market and achieve great business performance. These products are also a crucial driving force behind our growth and progress.
We Developed the Motor Controller Exclusively for the First Intelligent Electric Car Designed and Manufactured Locally in Taiwan
GRI 102-11
At the “2017 Summit on Innovation and Development of Automotive Technology in Taiwan ”, our Turnkey System Business Unit presented the outcome of the research and development on the automotive platform designed by Hua - chuang Automobile Information Technical Center Co. ( HAITEC ) , whose R&D teams are dedicated to locally developed cars in Taiwan. The presentation focused on power systems for electric vehicles. In Manager Tseng’s words, reduction of carbon emissions is the common objective of countries around the world, and Taiwan cannot stand on the sidelines. The S3 EV+ intelligent electric car of the local brand Luxgen is the first of its kind to be 100% designed and manufactured in Taiwan. It plays a pioneering role in efforts to reduce carbon emissions in the country.

In the industry chain of power systems for electric vehicles , we are focusing on motor controllers . We have actively cooperated with HAITEC in developing a motor controller exclusively for S3 EV+. The power of the controller is 150 kW with at least 97 % efficiency and power density of up to 15 kW per liter. Regarding reliability and safety , the most important indicators of automobiles , our motor controller passed tests on international car standards and gained the status of a world-class product . Through collaboration with the industry , universities and academia, we have formed a coherent and strong ecosystem team. In recent years, electric cars have become a global trend. In 2017, 1.22 million electric cars were sold worldwide, a 58% increase from 2016 . The top 5 countries in terms of the number of sales were China, US, Norway, Japan and Germany. Many countries have been active in formulating policies in relation to electric cars . Norway was the first country to set the goal of full electrification of commercial cars by 2025. The UK and France announced that sales of purely diesel-powered and petrol cars will be banned in 2040 . Carmakers around the world have also developed their responses to these policies.

As a result of the efforts of Chroma and members of the local automotive R&D team, including the Industrial Technology Research Institute , Automotive Research and Testing Center , National Taiwan University , National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and National Taipei University of Technology , we have been able to rely on so many experts and technologies with respect to HAITEC’s automotive platform and complete the development of the power systems, which were successfully integrated with S3 EV+, the first locally designed and manufactured electric car . For the auto industry in Taiwan , it was a milestone on the road to a whole new lifestyle that is eco-friendly, high-tech, green and intelligent.
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