Environmental Protection

Chroma have working together with our customers to become a green enterprise
that makes a meaningful contribution to a more friendly Earth.

Pollution Source Management

Since our production processes do not cause any public nuisance or pollution, Chroma does not need a permit for a fixed pollution source facility. The only waste water generated by Chroma facilities is domestic which is treated in our plants before being discharged into the waste water treatment system in the industrial parks. All domestic waste from Chroma facilities is properly handled by qualified waste disposal service providers that have been approved by the competent environmental authorities. Chroma does not transport/import/export hazardous waste abroad and our processed hazardous waste (consistent with our production quantity) is entrusted to qualified waste disposal service providers that have been approved by the competent environmental authorities for disposal or recycling.

Waste Management

GRI 306-2
Chroma’s commitment to the development of green energy products and the reduction of hazardous substances in relevant processes shows through our lead-free production lines. Wastes are sorted for appropriate processing or recycling based on category; these include general, industrial, and hazardous business waste. Chroma has been accredited with ISO 14001:2015 certification, and all our environmental and safety operations have been implemented in accordance with the pertinent regulations and standard operating procedures have been established. We have established regular tracking and declaration of waste quantity as well as specific goals for waste. There were no violations of regulations, or breaches of contract, by our waste handling and disposal contractors in 2020. The disposal and handling of Chroma waste between 2017 and 2020 is shown in the table below. Although the total volume of waste generated in 2020 was higher than that over the past 4 years, the increase was attributed to the relocation of headquarters and an increase in production.

Toxic Chemical Management

Each year, Chroma organizes trainings for response to toxic chemical emergencies and hazard training to strengthen employee awareness and knowledge of hazardous chemicals. In 2020, two sessions of emergency response training for toxic chemicals and nine of general hazard training were held. All the training was completed.   

Chroma manages the use and storage of toxic chemicals according to the relevant government regulations for toxic chemicals and has all the necessary permits for their use. To ensure proper management of toxic substances and chemicals, we completed a chemical control banding (CCB) system for our three plants and conducted leakage response simulation in 2020. The lists of chemicals available at each plant have been verified and documented in a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the labeling of hazardous chemicals. This is based on the characteristics and compatibility of all the hazardous chemicals used. We have suitable storage areas for these chemicals and have assigned properly trained personnel for their management. All operations pertaining to these chemicals, including their procurement, storage and use, are duly logged. Furthermore, reports are made to pertinent authorities regarding the state of these controlled chemicals to ensure normal operation, which is monitored at all times.   

Leakage or accidents involving hazardous chemicals during operation are handled according to the classification of the chemical in question to enhance disaster prevention and relief and to minimize potential damage and further hazard. We are committed to the maintenance of a safe and secure working environment in which employees can work without fear. We hope to achieve the goal of a “zero occupational hazard” workplace.

Legal Compliance

GRI 307-1
The strict legal requirements for the operation of enterprises are key to social responsibility and sustainable operation. Chroma's products and services are available worldwide. To ensure compliance with the laws and regulations around the world, Chroma ATE Inc. has a Legal Affairs Department that pays close attention to the development of laws and regulations that may affect the Company. A system has been established for assessment of the laws, policies, and regulations to assist each unit in their own compliance with the regulations. "Regulations, Identification, and Verification Management Measures" have been established in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems, to identify and manage environmental protection, occupational safety and health, and other laws and regulations. These measures also implement legal control and the principle of disclosure in the CSR report to achieve balanced reporting and administrative information transparency. They also cover matters that might include legal cases with penalties or other significant events that might seriously affect company operations.   

The legal documents signed or established with customers or suppliers need to be reviewed by the Legal Affairs Department to minimize possible risks and to ensure a win-win outcome for us and our customers. We intend to make sure all of our operations conform with local and international regulations so that we can keep our operations running. Chroma had no non-compliance penalties imposed by the Environmental Protection Bureau in 2020.
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